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Show ’em What You’re Doing Right With Social Media Analytics!

It hasn’t been long since social media started getting the respect it really deserves in the business world. Businesses now understand that the social websites should become genuine extensions of their websites instead of the stand-alone entities they’ve been previously.

It is progress, but many businesses still don’t understand how important it is to craft a social media strategy that works for their brand. This is because the use of social media analytics to assess and guide their social marketing efforts is still not as rampant as it should be.

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Save Time with Social Media Analytics

It can be quite overwhelming to make sense of all the information that social media analytics provides you. But committing to the purchase of an in-depth social media analytical tool is the most important decision you can make for the success of your social media strategy.

A robust reporting tool can help you understand and distill valuable information from the more important and useful metrics.
Make The Most Of Your Time!

Silence = Lost Customers: Social Media Can Help!

Customers take to social media not just to meet long lost friends. These days they log in to fulfill a pressing need to express their frustrations, ask questions as well as give comments and guidance to companies they frequently buy from. In fact, more than a third of social media users would rather engage with a seller over social media than by phone. But it's sad that less than 40% of these people get a reply or acknowledgement of their message, let alone solutions for their issues.

Does Social Media Really Pay Off?

If you are a company interested in finding better business opportunities through social media websites, it is time to measure your Reach, Engagement, and Conversion to see if you are really making an impact.

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Social Media Metrics: Do They Really Matter?

Your customers are talking about your products and services online. And no matter what you are selling or how you are selling it, what they say about it should get more attention than any amount of advertising. Time has come to make social media a crucial part of the marketing mix. Keep an eye out on your social media metrics to find out what they are saying and how to better customize your approach to make them say better, sweeter things!

So what exactly are these social media metrics?

Others might tell you that it's all in the numbers!

We say no its not!

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Marketing and Gestalt

Gestalt laws are well known in the design industry, their principles have been used throughout the years to create webpages, logos and much more, but what some people may not know is that Gestalt is in fact a psychology theory and it is used to study, analyze and ultimately change a person’s behavior and yes that includes buying habits. I will use three gestalt principles to exemplify how this theory can affect not only our perception but also our conduct.

The principle of proximity. This law dictates that objects near each other tend to be grouped together.

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Social Media Analytics: A Lot of Power and Even More Responsibility!

Social engagement is a lot more than getting the maximum number of likes which can go wrong pretty quickly if left to its own devices!
It requires constant monitoring to ensure a successful campaign.

Case in point: the mega social media failure that is the McDonalds Twitter #McDStories campaign in 2012. What started as a heartwarming hash tag for people to share their magical McDonald moments, quickly turned to disaster when they instead began to share McD horror stories.

The Age of Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics are a powerful tool for discovering how customers respond to various stimuli across a variety of online sources. Customer sentiment was a somewhat ambiguous term until the advent of social media. Now it has become quite practical to get a feel on customer’s feelings and emotions regarding certain products and services, granted you know how to use social media analytics!